Welcome to "Paprika" - the children's own store

Welcome to "Paprika" - the children's own store

The children have been involved all the way from planning, construction to the opening with ribbon cutting and great deals.

Friday May 4 2018åpnet department store "Paprika". The process has hosted a long time we have had a planning phase of how we think the store should look like, what it should contain and the choice of name. Then we have produced 6 shelves in 6 groups of 3 children (here we received materials from Neumann). Then would shelves painted in tastful colors that we received from the color Kingdom. & Nbsp;

The children have taken part in the whole process and has been unfolded, experimented and worked extensively related to the sciences. To make shelves made the floor plan with goals, they learned that the saga could be used as a guide, we learned to saw, nail (draw up nails) and screw. It was no easy task and it was hard work! But boy was all kids super happy with my performance and results. & Nbsp;

Paprika is an "old fashioned" type of store where kids who are customers must request and explain which products they should have. The children who work as clerks shall be service-minded, clean in place return goods, weigh candy and could with the cash register. With this kind of shop, children must use language actively and they are "forced" to communicate and be in interaction with others.

The store was opened in the traditional manner with ribbon cutting and great deals. All the children were given training in how the store works and how the cash register functions. Everyone got into practice dispatch and be customers. After lunch we had the store a little extra surprise how Gertrude stood and sold waffles and ice cream for dessert. Fight well was it!

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Welcome to "Paprika" - the children's own store

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